Agriculture Weather

Agriculture Weather

Accurate weather information is of fundamental importance to the agricultural industry, with businesses relying directly on the elements for production.

The weather affects every aspect of agricultural operations management, from determining when to harvest to efficiently ventilating greenhouses. Understanding the weather is vital for optimising production and minimising expenditure.

Essex Weather provides a wide range of information and services for the agricultural community. Our forecasts include all weather parameters which are significant for the industry, including temperature, wind speed, humidity, precipitation and radiation.

We fully understand our client's needs and develop accurate, site-specific forecasts. You can even determine your thresholds for specific weather conditions to trigger warnings.

We also use highly sophisticated models to predict the impact the weather will have on agro-specific factors. Designed as practical planning tools for farmers, the applications include ventilation, fertiliser spraying, crop growth, soil temperature and grass-dry models.

For more information on our weather forecasting services, please telephone us on 01245 944142 or fill out this form, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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