Support Essex Weather

Support Essex Weather

For 13 years, Essex Weather has provided a free dedicated weather service for the people of Essex. We have never displayed adverts for monetisation but have relied on donations from the public and local businesses.

You can support our work and help cover our costs (servers, model data fees etc.) by making a one-off or monthly donation below. In return for your generous donation, you will receive:

  • A heartfelt thank you for supporting our service
  • Telephone and e-mail access to our forecasters (24 hours a day)
  • Access to over 20 years of historical weather and climate data
  • A follow on our social media pages
  • Christmas gift bundle (Calendar, drinkware, stationery, t-shirts etc.)

Donorbox handles all donations with online debit or credit card payments securely processed by Stripe. Your details are never shared with us.

You are always welcome to make your donation anonymously.

Thank you for supporting Essex Weather!

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