UK Rainfall Radar

UK Rainfall Radar

Will it rain today? Track the progress of rain bands from the Atlantic and the development of showers and thunderstorms across the UK using rainfall radar.

Using radar to detect precipitation was first discovered during World War II when operators noticed noise in returned echoes due to falling rain and snow. By 1950, the first dedicated radar studying weather elements was operational in the UK.

Today, the Met Office have a network of 15 operational rainfall radars across the country, providing up-to-the-minute data. A new radar site is under review in Norfolk and, when functional, will provide enhanced coverage of the North Sea, perfect for tracking easterly snowfall events.

An increasing number of websites show real-time UK rainfall radar maps and animations. Listed below is a selection of free and premium sites.

Free Rainfall Radar

Met Office
Zoomable map of the UK and Ireland updated every 5 minutes with a 6-hour rolling archive.

Real-time streaming radar of the UK and northwest Europe with a 3-hour archive.

View real-time and forecast rainfall over the UK and central Europe online or by downloading a selection of free Android or iPhone apps.

Premium Rainfall Radar

Enjoy the UK's most enhanced weather radar for £3.49 per month. The package includes ATD lightning detection, rainfall accumulation maps and more.

View up-to-date high-resolution radar and hourly weather observations and receive alerts when lightning is recorded near your home or work.

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