Weather Forecasting Services

Weather Forecasting Services

In addition to providing a free public weather forecasting service for the people of Essex, we also offer services that apply to various industries.

Weather impacts businesses in many ways, including safety, production, planning and logistics.  Our Essex-based team work with you to provide fast, accurate and detailed weather information ensuring your business decisions are well-informed and financially rewarding.  Expert consultants provide top-quality weather intelligence tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, from construction companies to energy traders to the media.

The quality and reliability of weather forecasting determine the safety, efficiency and profitability of any construction project.

Accurate weather information is of fundamental importance to the agricultural industry, with businesses relying directly on the elements for production.

For sports and events organisations, reliable weather information is vital during the planning stages and ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day.

Accurate and detailed weather forecasts are essential for mitigating the impact of potentially hazardous conditions to ensure public safety.

From utility companies to traders and distributors, reliable weather forecasting is vital for businesses operating in the energy market.

Reliable weather data is essential for insurance companies when handling weather-related claims.

Water Management
Accurate weather information is vital to water utility companies and local authorities in preventing and mitigating flood risk.

We offer a range of tailored weather solutions for the internet, from single weather graphics to all-inclusive weather portals.

Historical Weather Data
Instant access to one of the most comprehensive databases of UK historical meteorological data, ranging from 1970 to the present day.

Severe Weather Risk
Severe weather poses several threats, including personal safety and expensive on-site equipment.

We specialise in providing bespoke weather forecasting solutions designed to suit your requirements, so the services detailed above are just a taster of what we can offer.

Contact us today for further information on our weather forecasting services.

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