Transport Weather

Transport Weather

Accurate and detailed weather forecasts for road and rail are fundamental to the efficiency of operations and the number one priority - safety. Essex Weather offers quality forecasts and value-added services and provides innovative weather solutions for the industry.

We understand that operational activity is unique to each business. Therefore, we work with you to provide bespoke weather forecasting solutions to meet your operational needs.


Accurate weather forecasts are essential for mitigating the impact of potentially hazardous conditions on rail networks, ensuring public safety and optimising maintenance activity.

Making the right decision to mitigate the effects of weather on the rail network is extremely challenging yet crucially important. Ensuring public and staff safety and minimising delays requires decisions based on the best weather forecasts.

Strong winds, heavy rainfall and high temperatures are some of the potentially hazardous weather conditions that can affect railways during the summer months. The threat of adverse weather throws up a real challenge for railway network operators regarding safety, planning, operational and maintenance activities.

Our forecasting models deliver accurate route-specific forecasts, including temperature, wind and rainfall, for any rail network in the UK.


High winds, heavy snow, and intense heat are potentially hazardous weather conditions affecting highways. The threat of adverse weather poses a real challenge to highway network operators for planning, operational and maintenance activities.

Our accurate and detailed forecasts reduce unnecessary and costly gritting actions. Time and money are not wasted during maintenance work, and safety is always ensured.

For more information on our weather forecasting services, please telephone us on 01245 944142 or fill out this form, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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